Welcome! Come in, sit yourself down… wine or tea?Me, filtered, natch

So… I’m Rachel Brady, arguably better known as family food blogger at Well Worn Whisk. I’m a slightly manic, massive greedy bum, general creative faffer and mum of 2. I started Still You in 2014 because I struggled, as I still struggle, to factor in ‘me time’. I rarely prioritise myself; always the kids, the blog, the housework… occasionally the husband. And I don’t think I’m alone. I think, as mums, we need to support one another to achieve balance: at home, in our relationships and in our careers (whether you stay at home or do paid work).

Still You is here to encourage you to take time out just for you; firstly by proving cracking reading material to peruse during a quick coffee break. That might be in the form of real stories about amazing women, funny posts that provide much needed LOLZ, or articles that pass on tips about affordable beauty and accessible style. Also, rather ambitiously, I want to actively support women in finding better balance by connecting them to the right organisations and employers, and sharing information about, for example, how to get more flexible working conditions, or how to set up your own business.

I worked for digital agencies for 10 years before procreating. After only a brief return to employment I left, deciding I wanted to spend more time with the kids and, during some rare moments of downtime I accidentally started a food blog. Then on a whim I launched another blog, Still You, in 2014 but after some success and great feedback, stopped after almost a year after having an I’ve-taken-on-too-much induced meltdown. After taking a couple of years to focus on my preschool-aged kids, who are now both at school, I have decided to re-launch (softly, softly) Still You. Please bear with me as we get Still You off the ground again – it’s great to be back!

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