Perfect tan leather cross body bags textI’ve had my little tan cross body bag for years. I think (getting so old now that I starting to forget bits of my adult life, like stuff that happened in the early noughties – worrying!) that I got it in a little leather shop in Spain. You know those shops, most of the stuff is awful but the odd thing is good? One of those.

I get loads of comments about it. It’s battered, and old (about 10 years I reckon), but it’s very me. I have to wear a cross body. Before kids (BK) it was so I could jauntily spring about (even ride a bike) and not worry about my tampons falling out (of my bag). But since kids (SK) it’s more to do with being able to push a buggy / push them on a swing / pick them up when they won’t walk – I need my hands free is what I’m saying. 

Here it is. My old brown bag.

old brown bag
My very old tan leather brown bag.

Anyway. I’ve had a few other bags over the last ten years, but, weirdly considering my liking for shopping, not many. The reason is that this bag is pretty perfect. It’s large enough for purse, phone and a few other bits, but not too big so that you fill it full of crap. And you know you will fill a big bag with crap because that’s what women do.

Today I just felt like treating myself, so I had a quick gander around some reliable online shops: M&S, Boden, John Lewis and Topshop for what they have in this department, and this is what I found. Enjoy!

M&S, £69

Leather cross body Messenger bag

PROS: It’s fairly OK price wise, it’s classic, chunky and would look good with a range of things. Possibly not with dressy stuff though.

CONS: It’s too similar to the classic Mulberry Messenger bag. It’s like the cheap version of that.

M&S bag
Leather cross body Messenger bag


Boden, £149

Slouchy leather bag

PROS: It’s gorgeous. I love it. It’s too big, and would be filled with crap immediately. But still. Sigh.

CONS: It’s a bit on the expensive side, given that I also want to buy a new Autumn coat soon.

Boden bag
Slouchy leather bag


John Lewis, £45 (by White Stuff)

Eliza leather across body bag

PROS: It’s a great price for real leather. It’s practical, just the right size.

CONS: It’s very dressed down, but hey, I’m a dressed down kinda girl.

white stuff bag
White Stuff Eliza leather across body bag


Topshop, £65

Classic leather satchel, chestnut

PROS: Love a satchel. Would feel like I worked in an archaeology department at a university when wearing. Good price.

CONS: Not sure it would go with everything. A bit stiff, literally. Would make a great work bag but notsomuch an off duty one.

topshop bag
Classic leather satchel, chestnut


I went for… the John Lewis / White Stuff Eliza bag. Which one is your favourite?

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