How to get beautiful brows

beautiful brows

Mums often put their children first and neglect themselves. Well, I’m here to remind you that this is not only bad for you, it’s bad for your whole family. In our new series of beauty posts called #youdeserveit, we look into the beauty treatments and products that work hard for you, whatever your budget and time allowance. Today, Rachel shows how you too can get Good Brow…


Gone Girl: Still You review

Gone Girl review cover

Are you Team Amy? Or Team Nick? Maybe you don’t know what we’re on about? The novel Gone Girl was a smash hit, particularly amongst women readers, so there’s been a lot of fuss about this film’s release, but is it deserved? And what’s all this about a new ending? Rachel went to see it and gives her side of the story…


5 of the best… raincoats

raincoats cover

With the weather on the change, we think it’s about time you bought yourself a new coat! Think raincoats have to be dull and dour? Think again! With this lot you’ll be doing a rain dance to encourage the wet stuff. Rachel guides us through the best raincoats in the shops right now… (more…)