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Mums often put their children first and neglect themselves. Well, I’m here to remind you that this is not only bad for you, it’s bad for your whole family. In our new series of beauty posts called #youdeserveit, we look into the beauty treatments and products that work hard for you, whatever your budget and time allowance. Today, Rachel shows how you too can get Good Brow…

Eyebrows. They’re not the most important thing in the world. And yet… When I have my eyebrows done I feel more presentable, therefore I carry myself more confidently, and consequently I have a better day, am a nicer wife, and a more patient mum. See? I have nice brows, ergo I am a better person.

It’s also the act of getting them done / splashing out on a brow pencil / even quickly sketching them on each day. It’s MY time, MY 30 seconds, MY personal space.

For me, as a pale blonde with very little bodily hair (my husband calls me a prawn), I need my brows to be enhanced a little to stop me looking like a ball of dough with hair. I only learned about the importance of brows a couple of years ago, but I haven’t looked back. When you have Good Brow, people comment on how well you look. You seem pulled together, more expressive, and more groomed. And, more importantly, you feel good.

Whatever your budget, whatever your time allowance, here are a few ways to get your brows looking better than Cara Delevigne’s in no time…

1. Get them threaded and tinted (if required) at a professional salon like John Lewis Beauty Spa

This is the ultimate in brow maintenance really, and something I only very infrequently get the time to luxuriate in. I say luxuriate but really it’s an itchy-witchy bit painful (not compared to childbirth but still). Listen, lying down is involved, so it’s still a rest as far as I’m concerned, despite the pain! Threading is not just for darker skinned women with lots of hair, as I thought. It’s less harsh than waxing (what I normally go for) and gives a cleaner finish. I went to Blink Brow Bar at John Lewis Spa, Cheadle.

First the lovely therapist cleaned by brows free of makeup (1). Then she vaselined the area to avoid staining (2). She then applied the tint (this is not the finished look in case you were wondering!) (3). Then came the ‘ouch’ moment (4&5), which was very brief. Et voila – tidied up, subtley darkened brows and an instantly fresher face. I think, when you compare 1 & 6, you can see the difference. I haven’t gone mad, right? It’s a noticeable improvement?!

I had eyebrow shaping at £17 and eyebrow tint at £19. See the full price list here.


Want to get your brows sorted but not got the time to go to a salon? Listen, there’s no excuse. Here are 3 more ways to whip them into shape…

 2. Use a next generation brow product

gimmeI personally like Benefit’s Gimme Brow (right), which is like a mascara for brows. It features a brush much like mascara, and wet emulsion that clings to your brows, making them thicker whilst also shaping them as you comb. What I like about it is that you can build up the effect. It’s expensive, but lasts quite a while. I currently use this to top up my tint as brow tints do wear off quite quickly. Definitely worth a try if you want to splash out.

>> Buy Benefit’s Gimme Brow, Boots, £17.50


3. Try a classic brow pencil 

rimmelThis eyebrow pencil from Rimmel (left) is a beauty no brainer. It’s less than the price of a sandwich. Come on, can you afford not to try this out? It’s not the best brow product I’ve ever tried, but it does the job. You could also buy a clear lash gel (below) to create the effect of the brow gel, but for less money. miss sporty

>> Buy Rimmel’s Eye Brow Pencil, Boots, £2.99 

>> Buy Miss Sporty Clear Mascara, Boots, £2.99

4. Try a brow powder and wax kit 

sleekNow I have to admit, I have never tried this product, but I have used powders before. I find them great for building colour, for example if you wanted to go darker for a more dramatic look for a night out. But I couldn’t resist including this, as it has tweezers, an angled brush, brow powder, and setting wax in one kit, and for a great price too (Benefit do a similar product for twice the price). It gets rave reviews – have a look. This is next on my beauty wish list, for sure.

>> Buy Sleek Makeup Brow Kit, Boots, £8.49 

How do you keep your brows in trim? Got any tried and tested product recommendations? Let us know! 

4 comments on “How to get beautiful brows”

  1. Love this Rach. I’m a big brow fan. Revitabrow is also worth checking out if you over plucked your eyebrows in the 90s- surely I’m not the only one? Anyway it’s a serum that helps re-growth. It’s amazing! I have the Revitalash serum too because my eyelashes thinned after pregnancy. After 3 weeks of using both I look like a cross between Brooke Shields and Bambi- result! X

  2. Fab post. But I have a question: so what exactly do they do with the threading? From the picture it looks like they’re kind of twisting two bits of thread together with your stray brows inside and then what – do they just yank it away and it works like tweezers? Is it essentially a kind of plucking using thread instead of tweezers? Your post comes closer to most I’ve seen online towards explaining this mystery to me but I’m still wondering… Next time you go can I come and watch? X

    • Just get it done!! I have no idea what happens, apart from some magical thing with pieces of thread. It’s an ancient art I believe. It does hurt, but I am a bit pathetic, it probably wouldn’t bother you. I hate plucking though as you have to inflict the pain on yourself and I can’t do it. Apparently the more you have this done the less it hurts… X

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