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5 of the best: Boden winter jumpers

boden jumpers cover

If there is one good thing about cold weather, it’s the excuse it gives us to purchase a new winter jumper. Forget the scratchy, unattractive things of your childhood, these stunners from Boden’s current knitwear collection will have you willing the frosty mornings on! Rachel has picked her faves…


5 of the best… raincoats

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With the weather on the change, we think it’s about time you bought yourself a new coat! Think raincoats have to be dull and dour? Think again! With this lot you’ll be doing a rain dance to encourage the wet stuff. Rachel guides us through the best raincoats in the shops right now… (more…)

5 of the best… boyfriend jeans

boyfriend jeans cover

I am obsessed with jeans. I wear little else really. Normally, as in 90% of the time, I wear a skinny jean, as they suit me best being tall and with a boyish style. However, a newish (newish if you’re totally non hip like me) jean has “hit the scene” (I told you I was seriously uncool, and there it is right there in that sentence…) (more…)

5 of the best… classic white shirts

white shirts coverWhen you’re a mum, you have so much going on in your head in the morning. For me, at the moment, my daily challenge is getting my 4 year old to school and 2 year old to preschool, on time, dressed correctly, having eaten a nourishing and low sugar breakfast to keep them going until lunch, without smears of breakfast condiment on their faces, teeth brushed, hair (kind of) brushed, bags with correct things in: signed slips returned for him; spare pants in case she wees herself for her… God it’s hard work. My husband is more often than not already at work by the time we get up so it’s all down to me. At least I don’t have to think about making sandwiches, thank God for free school meals… (more…)

The perfect cross body tan leather bag

Perfect tan leather cross body bags textI’ve had my little tan cross body bag for years. I think (getting so old now that I starting to forget bits of my adult life, like stuff that happened in the early noughties – worrying!) that I got it in a little leather shop in Spain. You know those shops, most of the stuff is awful but the odd thing is good? One of those.

I get loads of comments about it. It’s battered, and old (about 10 years I reckon), but it’s very me. I have to wear a cross body. Before kids (BK) it was so I could jauntily spring about (even ride a bike) and not worry about my tampons falling out (of my bag). But since kids (SK) it’s more to do with being able to push a buggy / push them on a swing / pick them up when they won’t walk – I need my hands free is what I’m saying.  (more…)