10 ideas… practical Christmas gifts for kids

Practical Christmas gift ideas for kids 3Do your kids have too much STUFF already? With Christmas on the horizon you are sure to end up with a big fat load more. This year, why not ask relatives to buy your kids practical gifts that they need instead of toys? Don’t worry, we’re not talking new school shoes or a bar of soap. Rachel gives us a bit of #Mumspiration…


Confidence tips from Shakespeare

Shakespeare cover 2

Confidence is a fickle friend who nips out for a fag at the first sign of trouble. If you’ve lost your mojo – through illness, career or relationship lows or the sudden realisation that your greatest achievement today was chipping three weeks’ worth of hardened Shreddies off your once-aspirational Eames Eiffel Chairs – you’re not alone. Charlotte takes comfort in the words of a poet who was denounced in his lifetime as “an upstart Crow… that supposes he is as well able to bombast out a blanke verse as the best of you.”


How to get lovely nails

How to get lovely nails cover

Spending a little time and a few pennies on yourself is not something to feel guilty about – and beautifying your nails is a great way to get a little pick-me-up. In the second instalment of our beauty series #youdeserveit Rachel gives the lowdown on getting beautiful nails (even if you are cash and time poor)… (more…)

How to get beautiful brows

beautiful brows

Mums often put their children first and neglect themselves. Well, I’m here to remind you that this is not only bad for you, it’s bad for your whole family. In our new series of beauty posts called #youdeserveit, we look into the beauty treatments and products that work hard for you, whatever your budget and time allowance. Today, Rachel shows how you too can get Good Brow…


8 amazing BB creams for busy mums

BB creams coverBefore I became a mum I loved my morning routine. Every day my skin would be prepped and primed. My eye-liner would be flicked and my blusher would be blended. I’m not saying I rocked up to work looking like Manchester’s answer to Kate Moss, but I felt pretty good. My morning routine was a gift to myself. It helped me feel relaxed, confident and ready to face the day. (more…)