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Asian style sweet potato and squash soup

asian style sweet potato squash soup cover

Ahhh, this soup! You won’t BEEE-LIEEVE how good it is. And it has nothing, nowt, nada ‘bad’ in it. It is a bit Asian in influence, as there is ginger, garlic, coconut milk in it, as well as cashew nuts to make it thick and protein rich. I serve it with a scary amount of fresh coriander and sliced red chillies on top, and a BIG ol’ slug of sesame oil – it’s a great way to eat it for adults. My kids loved it too though, just without the chilli and coriander (herbs look too much like vegetables for their taste). (more…)


kedgeree coverKedgeree is a faffy thing to make all in one go: you have to steam fish, cook rice, hard boil eggs – and that’s before you’ve even assembled the dish itself. I was making it for dinner the other evening and it occurred to me that, despite its faffiness for dinner, it’s a perfect prep-ahead lunch/brunch. (more…)

Beetroot houmous

beetroot houmous cover

I started getting a Riverford veg box scheme recently, and it really is pushing my boundaries. Well, what I mean by that is that occasionally I get some vegetables and I’m not sure what to do with them. It’s not that boundary pushing really is it? Cooking with beetroot, I’ve done it before, but not often. But I mean, it’s not a parachute jump or anything. (more…)