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10 ideas… realistic ways for mums to get fit

Realistic ways for mums to get fitCliche or not, huge numbers of us see the new year as the right time to lose weight and get a bit fitter. Many mums feel they have no time or money to exercise, but Rachel (no avid sportswoman herself) says that’s utter bollocks. Anyone can get fitter, and that includes knackered, skint mums! Here is some #mumspiration for the exercise reluctant among you…


How to lose weight without screwing up your kids

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As night follows day, the ‘go on, treat yourself’ messages of December have been replaced with supportive little articles asking us which of our repulsive habits we’ll be ridding ourselves of first. Given the number of stock images of women in penitential white underwear wielding tape measures in our news feeds, the answer is evidently: stop eating, you greedy bastards! Not normally one to make new year’s resolutions or to deny herself a fifteenth roast potato, Charlotte has suddenly decided to call time on the senseless scoffing. But can you lose weight without passing all your hang-ups on to your kids?