Why mums should have hairy muffs

hairy muffs coverLots of women like to get an ‘everything off’ bikini wax. What about when they become mums? Should kids see their mum with a smooth, hairless lady part? Rachel argues that becoming a mum is the perfect reason to stop with the overwaxing (warning: this post contains at least ten euphemistic references to the vagina)…


Confidence tips from Shakespeare

Shakespeare cover 2

Confidence is a fickle friend who nips out for a fag at the first sign of trouble. If you’ve lost your mojo – through illness, career or relationship lows or the sudden realisation that your greatest achievement today was chipping three weeks’ worth of hardened Shreddies off your once-aspirational Eames Eiffel Chairs – you’re not alone. Charlotte takes comfort in the words of a poet who was denounced in his lifetime as “an upstart Crow… that supposes he is as well able to bombast out a blanke verse as the best of you.”


The Frontline of Motherhood: Ban’s Story

Ban front cover 2


In our new series ‘The Frontline of Motherhood’ we’ll be sharing the stories of mothers who inspire us: women who’ve done great things or faced unimaginable challenges and come out fighting; women whose stories blast the wretched phrase ‘just a mum’ right out of the water.  

Ban is a single mum. She told Charlotte how she escaped war-torn Iraq with her elderly mother and two young daughters and fled to Syria. Then, as Syria too was ravaged by war, she fled again.