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10 ideas… be your own Valentine!

be your own valentineAre you utterly nonplussed by the consumerist slushfest that is Valentine’s Day? Rachel is too. She thinks that mums should secretly reclaim February 14th as an annual reminder to give ourselves some much deserved love and attention. Here she is with a bit of #mumspiration: 10 ways to be your own Valentine…


We say… bollocks to the baby brain!

Bollocks to baby brain coverIf you were smart before you had kids, you don’t need me to point out that you still are. There are a lot of childbirth horror stories out there but I’ve never heard of a labour so gruesome that the hospital cleaner was left fishing the mother’s brain cells out of the birthing pool. So why do some of us feel so intellectually inadequate after we’ve had children? (more…)