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With the weather on the change, we think it’s about time you bought yourself a new coat! Think raincoats have to be dull and dour? Think again! With this lot you’ll be doing a rain dance to encourage the wet stuff. Rachel guides us through the best raincoats in the shops right now…

This weather is confusing. It has been so warm. Last week, all week, I would start the day in boots, with a jumper and a coat, and finish in pumps with no socks, and lose the coat, often wishing whilst running to school for the pick up that I had worn a vest under my jumper so I could remove the top layer! I could just whip the jumper off and stand waiting for my son in my bra. To be honest I probably would if my stomach wasn’t so wobbly.

Then today it lashed it down! A raincoat was definitely required. Fortunately – unbelievably – I was equipped (though I did forget my buggy’s raincover so deduct a few parenting points there – poor child!), but many mums in the playground weren’t, which leads me to believe that this post is timely.

I do love Autumn though, in the main. Crisp mornings, (mostly) sunny days and nights chilly enough to warrant a real fire. The other good thing about it is that you are perfectly justified in going out and buying a new coat. What? You already have 6 buried under the kids’ things in the coat dump rack? Just conveniently forget about those, because every girl deserves a new coat. And here’s why you can justify it right now…

Many of my coats are ‘winter coats’. They are really warm, but at this time of year I don’t necessarily need that warmth – not yet anyway. Step aside for the raincoat. It’s light, rain-proof, and often comes in fun colours and interesting patterns.

I bought one (well, it was for my birthday from Adam) from Seasalt. But in looking for that one I found loads of other nice ones too… take a gander, why don’t you?

Boden Rainy Day Mac, £119, down to £83.30

boden raincoatThis mac is almost iconic. It comes in 9 different striking and fun designs / colours, and also in Regular or Long length which is great for long, tall Sallys like me! You can’t really go wrong here – and at the mo’ they have a mid season sale price!


Boden Short Rainy Day Mac, £110 down to £66

boden short raincoatThis is the shorty cousin to the above, longer length mac. I love this cute length, a great little mac for walking the dog. And it’s cheaper than the longer one too. Comes in a range of colours and designs also. I like this ‘Westminster’ print.


White Stuff Libby Mac, £79.95 down to £49

white stuff macThis pretty grey mac is shower proof and has floral detail on the cuffs. It can be cinched in at the waist too. Great price, only sizes 8, 10 and 12 though due to the sale so move quickly if you like it!


Seasalt Kellifray Mac, £120

seasalt macIf you don’t yet know about Seasalt, you should do! This mac is the real deal. Waterproof, and cut in a classic fisherman style. It is timeless and a real investment. I love Seasalt clothes, all made in Cornwall and very high quality.


Seasalt Ferryboat Mac, £120

seasalt orca macA shorter, more ‘trendy’, nautical styling on this one, with white buttons and more detailing, like a gingham hood. Again, his will stand the test of time. Fully waterproof.


If you’ve enjoyed looking at these but you’re not sure how to style them, then check out our Pinterest board >> singing in the rain(coats)

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  1. I really wanted the trad yellow seasalt raincoat but sadly it was sold out. Love the blue one too. I’m totally skint so I’ve just bought two old school plastic type Raincoats one in yellow and one in navy blue. For me, the runner up out of these raincoats is the Boden. It looks totally toasty! X

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