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I am obsessed with jeans. I wear little else really. Normally, as in 90% of the time, I wear a skinny jean, as they suit me best being tall and with a boyish style. However, a newish (newish if you’re totally non hip like me) jean has “hit the scene” (I told you I was seriously uncool, and there it is right there in that sentence…)

The boyfriend jean! We are LOV-ING! So called as it is kind of baggy, often with a bit of rippage, although I was surprised when researching this post by how many styles don’t have rips, which is good news if you’re not into that. They are worn rolled up normally, in scruffy roll ups, not perfect ones – a bit like if you had borrowed your significant other’s jeans.

They are so versatile! I love that they look awesome with dressed up heels and statement jewellery as well as with converse and a plain sweater, check out our Pinterest board to see exactly what I mean >> how to wear boyfriend jeans

This means they hold massive appeal to a fashion-loving tomboy like me, who buys the odd dress, every few years, and then never wears it. Likewise for skirts. So these jeans make perfect sense.

What’s that I hear you cry? “What about the roll up issue for Autumn / Winter“? Yes, this could be a problem (first world, admittedly) for mums who don’t want cold ankles. Like me! Well, you can either wear very low socks that don’t show up, like I have been doing, or when it gets colder rock a brightly coloured (or chunky, country style) sock, with brogues ideally, or nice chunky boots with interesting socks peeping out. I have tried this before and it takes guts and nice sockage, but I reckon you can pull it off…

Here are 5 pairs of boyfriend jeans that you may consider worthy of blowing a few quid on.

Mango (at John Lewis) Boyfriend Angie Jeans, £27.99

Mango jeans

This is what I would think of as the quintessential boyf jean. It is a little ripped but not too much. To be worn rolled up and loose. A great price too.


Kaliko (at John Lewis) Boyfriend Jeans, were £59 now £29

kaliko jeans

These are a little more conservative, one for the ladies who couldn’t possibly pay good money for ripped clothes (I see where you’re coming from). These are classy, and reduced right now so move quick!


Jigsaw (at John Lewis) Hampton Relaxed Boyfriend Fit Selvedge Jeans, £80

jigsaw jeansThese are ones for a smarter lady – again, no ripping, and a darker colour. Definitely one to wear with a crisp white shirt and maybe some tan loafers, ideally sipping red wine at a stylish cafe in Rome… this would be a good pair for older ladies working the trend.

Levi’s (at John Lewis) Boyfriend Jeans, Vintage Blue, £80

levis jeansAh, Levi’s – what I grew up wearing! My favourite, but at a high price. Still, I’d pay this if I knew I’d get masses of wear out of them. This is a great all rounder in a gorgeous vintage bright shade.


Mint Velvet (at John Lewis) Denver Jeans, £59

mint velvet jeansI love Mint Velvet, they have perfected the art of making clothes for ‘grown up’, fashionable women. These are a relaxed fit, perfect with luxe style trainers. They also come in grey, which is an option. And we girls like to have those!

Don’t forget to pop by our Pinterest page >> how to wear boyfriend jeans for inspo on how to style them out!

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