Month: September 2014

Make a statement necklace in 5 easy steps

statement necklace cover

I made this necklace by threading assorted beads from broken jewellery onto gold wire and then twisting them into loops. It’s a little fiddly and, if you want to make a really heavy statement necklace with lots of loops, then it will take you a while but it’s straightforward.

If you have a pair of small, wire-cutting pliers and your fingers are nimble enough to operate an iPhone you’ll be fine – even if you’ve never made any jewellery before. (more…)

How to reconnect with your child-free friends

connect cover

Do you feel disconnected from your oldest friends – especially the ones without kids? I do. One big life change tends to bring about others. In the space of five or six years I’ve fallen in love, got married, had two children, moved to the countryside and started a new career. How could I possibly expect to go through all those changes without any impact on my existing friendships?