Perfect tan leather cross body bags textI’ve had my little tan cross body bag for years. I think (getting so old now that I starting to forget bits of my adult life, like stuff that happened in the early noughties – worrying!) that I got it in a little leather shop in Spain. You know those shops, most of the stuff is awful but the odd thing is good? One of those.

I get loads of comments about it. It’s battered, and old (about 10 years I reckon), but it’s very me. I have to wear a cross body. Before kids (BK) it was so I could jauntily spring about (even ride a bike) and not worry about my tampons falling out (of my bag). But since kids (SK) it’s more to do with being able to push a buggy / push them on a swing / pick them up when they won’t walk – I need my hands free is what I’m saying.  (more…)